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Youth Empowerment
Healing Power of Music | Drum-Chant-Dance

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Programs are 1 hour and can accommodate up to 25 youth grades K-8. Multiple programs are scheduled for 25+ participants. In addition, all drums and instruments are provided by the Creation Song Project.

Creation Song Project seeks to rekindle the flame of creative vitality within the youth. Children experience the ancient art of Chant-Dance and the Healing Power of the Drum. 100% Group interactive. 100% Empowerment.

"Have Drums - Will Travel." We travel in and around the New England area. Some of our clients include Channel 3 Kids Camp, YMCA camps, Boy Scouts of America, and various community festivals. Contact us today!


MISSION: To inspire and encourage the lives of children, teaching the power of healing, happiness and wholeness through interactive music and exercise.

100%  Group interaction


100% interactive group drumming

  • Welcome Healing Song
  • Prayer Song
  • People Unity Song
  • Water Song


Power of the Mask in the use of story telling.

Call & Response healing song chants

  • Turtle Chant-Dance
  • Buffalo Chant-Dance

Group Chant-Dance brings together everyone.

Teachings -

Generosity, Respect, Courage & Independence.

  • Open My Heart2:42